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Materials Science and Engineering encompasses a wide range of areas, such as the production and recycling of materials from ores, the investigation of new manufacturing techniques, and the development of these techniques.

The outputs of research in this field lay the foundation for advancements in various sectors, including mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, aerospace industry, chemical industry, medical technologies, electronics sector, and energy technologies.

Our program, designed with the aim of meeting the need for highly competitive and well-trained human resources with a research and development culture that can collaborate with international organizations and work on the same platforms as our national institutions, has been established in collaboration with Darmstadt Technical University. In the future, it is aimed to provide the opportunity for students who meet the necessary requirements and wish to do so to complete a portion of their education at our partner university on a scholarship basis and obtain a double degree.

With its interdisciplinary and intercultural aspects, our program will serve as a role model in the international arena, producing graduates who will make a difference in their professional lives.

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